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Amstel list

Allora facciamo una cosa definitiva come richiesto da Spiedo: entro la coppa Cobram del 4 novembre chi vuol venire posti qua sotto. Così poi si da un elenco ad Hellen Zullen

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Ahearne & Ira Ryan day

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Vanilla Day

New application procedure for the Tour Version of the Amstel Gold Race

As a result of the huge interest in this year’s Amstel Gold Tour Version the organisation has decided to change the registration procedure. Our aim is to allow everyone an equal chance to participate. The organisation wants to ensure the continued quality of the Tour Version so the number of riders will remain limited a maximum of 12,000 participants. The new procedure will give each bidder an equal chance to participate, but gives absolutely no guarantee of a place. As a result we anticipate that, unfortunately, a number of cyclists will be disappointed, but we think that the following registration procedure is more fair than the previous system in dealing with the very large number of potential riders.

In summary, the registration procedure is as follows:
- There will be three months opportunity to register as a member Amstel Gold Race.
- The registration fee is € 5, -
- Registration allows participation in the lottery for entry to the Tour Version of the Amstel Gold Race 2012.
- Members will be offered many benefits by partners and sponsors of the Amstel Gold Race.
- 4000 places are for teams, the other 8000 for individual participants.

What does the new procedure look like?

The current registration system will be replaced by a lottery system. During a period of three months, everyone has the opportunity to register as a member of the Amstel Gold Race. In addition, there is no difference between those registering on the first or last day. As with the entries last year we will ask you for certain information including address, telephone number and preferred riding distance. The registration is personal and can not be transferred to another rider. The organisation will verify the name, address and email address to prevent people signing up more than once.
When registering you will be guided through several screens:

Please read these rules carefully. The regulations are guidelines that apply to registration and payment, but also during the tour itself. By clicking on the correct button you accept that you have read the rules and will abide by them.

Choice of Individual or Business Team
In this screen you can specify the choice of Individual or Team Company (Those applying for Company registration will be guided to read more information).

This screen is for your personal information like addresses, phone numbers and email address. Please complete it carefully and correctly. The address provided will be used to post your application to send a booklet with vouchers. If you are given a place, you will receive documents relating to the race day at this address a few weeks before the Tour starts. Please also ensure that you enter a current, valid email address. Confirmation of your registration will be sent to this email address. You should keep this email safe because it is proof of your registration.

In this screen you are asked a number of other questions, such as phone numbers of your friends, acquaintances or family. These numbers are used during your ride to send them text messages so they can be kept up to date with your progress. You are also asked whether you want to be kept touch with the (Tour Version) Amstel Gold Race through an electronic newsletter.

In this screen you can check your data. Is there anything wrong? For example, is your address entered correctly? Through the Back button you can go back and make changes.

In this screen you will see the total amount you must pay.

By clicking on Send your registration is confirmed and you will get a confirmation email sent to your email address. Keep this email properly and / or print it, because this is proof of your registration. If you register and after receiving the confirmation email you encounter a problem, please contact the organisation.

Membership of the Amstel Gold Race
Each person who submits a registration form and pays the fee of  € 5, -  will be a member of the Amstel Gold Race for one year. As a member you will be automatically entered in the draw for participation in the Tour Version of the Amstel Gold Race in 2012. You also receive many benefits from sponsors and partners of the Amstel Gold Race, such as Pearl Izumi, Holland Casino and Amstel. You will also be kept informed of the latest developments in the Amstel Gold Race.

The draw
After the three months of the registration period has elapsed a draw will be carried out. As previously mentioned there will be a maximum number of 12,000 places. During the draw up to 4,000 places will go to teams. The other will be given away individually. During the three months you can use your login information on your personal page. On this page, you and your friends who have also registered as an individual can form teams. During the draw, the first 4,000 places to be given to teams. When one of your team members is selected for a place, then the whole team will become registered. If you or your teammates are not successful in this first draw, everyone is still eligible to participate in the draw for the remaining individual spots.

Once you've drawn a place you will also be informed about the payment of the remaining registration fee. The registration is only final when the full registration fee is received by the Amstel Gold Race. A reserve list will also be drawn up for riders to replace those who do not pay the full fee. The organisation’s decision regarding places on the Tour is final. Good luck!

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Crusade Pics