22 settembre 2010

Finally got one!!

Raced the Double Boundary Race last weekend in Taos New Mexico....After all these years doing it finally came off on top!! And only minutes away from the course record!!
Peep the results here....http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AsSR1PCM3HHPdGZkUTRVVUFsX2VsUWFlVjJFWkhuYUE&gid=3

And write up here!
Keep Rocking LOBOS!!

5 commenti:

cochese ha detto...

Rock'n Roll Sac!! I'm proud of you dude!! Bravo!

Claudio Persegani ha detto...

Super Sac! ;)

mr. friess ha detto...

gooood job!

P. Tiger ha detto...

Bella gamba!!

ghido ha detto...